Welcome to OSZX Online Amiga Emulator!

This is an experimental online Amiga emulator powered using pure HTML5 and JavaScript via SAE,
It is heavily based on WinUAE and uses the AROS-Kickstart replacement.

Provided for educational use & to preserve for posterity.

Select an item to 'Start' from the database or press 'Config' for an advanced setup...

Note: This emulator require's a fast computer.
Mobile and Tablet devices may work, but will most likely have a too slow framerate.
Game Demo
Tool AGA-Demo
HD Games AROS KS Turbo Floppy
Model ? CPU Chipset Kickstart Years
68000 ? OCS ? 0.x-1.1 1985-87
68000 OCS/ECS Agnus 1.2-1.3 1987-91
Amiga 2000 (default) 68000 ECS Agnus 1.2-2.04 1987-92
68000 ECS ? 2.04 1991-92
68000 ECS 2.05 1992
68020 ? AGA ? 3.0-3.1 1992-96
Amiga 3000 (no FPU and SCSI) 68030 ? ECS 1.3-2.04 1990-92
Amiga 4000/030 (no FPU) 68030 AGA 3.0 1992-94
Amiga 4000T (2,3) 68040 AGA 3.1 1990-92
68000 ECS 1.3 1991-92
CD32 68020 AGA 3.0-3.1 1994-1996
Model Speed
68000 (fake prefetching) Original
68010 (fake prefetching) Maximum
68030 (fake MMU)
Compatible (enable prefetching and caches, slower but more compatible)
32bit address-space (required for Zorro3-memory or A3000/A4000 roms)
Type Region
Original Chip Set (OCS) PAL (50 Hz)
NTSC (60 Hz)
Advanced Graphics Architecture (AGA)
Collisions Blitter ?
Mode Immediate
Gayle ? RTC ?
Onboard IDE Type
PCMCIA slot (A600/A1200)
CIA ? Misc
TOD source A1000 Agnus (8361/8367)
TOD bug Mirror ROM at $A80000
Overlay ROM Mirror ROM at $E00000
A1000 Velvet-CIA (6526) ZorroIII (A3000/A4000)
Onboard RAMSEY (A3000/A4000) ?
Chip Onboard Fast (Low)
Slow (Bogo) CPU-board Fast (High)
ZorroII ? ZorroIII (A3000/A4000) ?
Fast Fast
AutoConfig™ ? Mapping
Use the AROS kickstart-replacement

Select Kickstart Rom:
Select Extended Rom:

Patch for 'ShapeShifter' ?
<unset> (required)
Image File
Type Size
Version CRC-32
Encrytion Checksum
Models CPN
Disk Floppies
Speed ('Turbo' mode is fastest, but not always compatible)
Auto convert to ADF-EXT2
Note: Supported types are uncompressed ADF, DMS, IMG, EXE and SCP files.
:Insert an entry from the database:
Create a standard or custom (EXT2) disk-image:
Label FFS Bootable
Disk File
Label Size
Type CRC-32
Type Checksum
Onboard IDE (A600/A1200/A4000)
Media ATA RO
Media ATA RO
Media ATA RO
Media ATA RO
PCMCIA slot (A600/A1200)
Note: Supported types are uncompressed HDF and VHD files.
:Insert an entry from the database:
Drive Partition
Surfaces Name
Sectors Reserved
Blocksize Bootpri
Driver Cursor
Mode Mode
Antialias (WebGL only)
Resolution Centering
Horizontal Horizontal
Vertical Vertical
Colors Alpha (RGBA-modes only)
Brightness (-1000 to 1000) Background (#rrggbb) ?
Contrast (-1000 to 1000) Blend (0 to 255)
Gamma (-1000 to 1000)
Blacker than black
Misc Debug
Frameskip Refresh-indicator
Size x pixels
x pixels
Buffer frames
(you may experiment with this value)
Basic Lowpass filter
Mode Mode
Frequency Model
Stereo mixing Interpolation
Separation Type
Move Fire 1 Fire 2
Move Fire 1 Fire 2
Note: If a joystick-device get not detected, try to press some buttons on it.
Enabled (emulated joysticks do always work)
Hardware dongle

Move Fire 1 Fire 2

Welcome to OSZX'S Online Amiga Emulator

Hi There :) Thanks for visiting my site!

I created this site because I have a lot of good memory's of the Amiga system.

Growing up my Amiga was the first decent computer I owned and I had alot of fun learning its secerets and playing really great games such as alien breed, another world, flashback and so many more...

I hope you get half as much enjoyment playing these games now that I got playing them "back in the day"...

Any questions or game requests?

Message me at admin@oszx.co

How do you use the emulator?

The emulator has 2 modes of operation, The first "Database Mode" is the default mode that the emulator uses when loading/refreshing the page, The second mode is "Advanced Mode" that is available after pressing the Config button.

Database Mode: This is the mode to use when just wanting to play a 1P game or a demo without having to set anything up, Just select what you want to run and select your input control/keys or use default (arrows/shift/ctrl) and press start, The emulator will select the system type, rom etc..

Advanced Mode: In this mode you can also select games/demos from the database but you are also able to change emulator settings such as system type, cpu, ram, rom, video, audio & ports, You can also load/mount your own amiga files and your own roms.

* When you have previously loaded a game/demo in database mode then change to advanced mode your previous selection is remembered so the previous system used will be preselected and the previous game (adf/hdf) will remain mounted.

* While in advanced mode if you click/tap on the amiga logo at the top of the workbench screen you will be prompted with a warning that you will loose your current settings and if you confirm will be returned to the database screen.

* If you wish to play a 2 player game you will need to switch in to advanced mode goto ports and change the mouse control to a joystick for control pad etc.. or emulated to set keyboard keys for player 2.

* If you are running a game that use's multiple disks while in database mode it will only mount the first disk on df0 the rest will be in the disk changer list and when selected will mount the chosen disk to df0.

After running a game in database mode and then going into advanced mode if you re-run the game it will mount the first 4 disks on df0 to df3, If the game you are playing reads disks from external drives df1 to df3 this will save a bit of disk swapping if the game does not read from external drives you can still load the required disk into df0 from the disk changer list, also if the game has more than 4 disks disks 5+ will be required to be loaded to df0 from the disk changer list.

On occasion when using multiple drives a game might ask for you to insert the next disk (disk 5+) into the last drive used (df3) this is not possible as the disk changer only mounts to df0, in this case you should manually disable/eject drives df1 to df3 when entering advanced mode after running a game in database mode.

Information & Credits

This emulator is a modified version of Scripted Amiga Emulator available HERE created by Rupert Hausberger.

Why create this site?, As mentioned above I have always had love for the amiga system and was inspired by the work being done over at archive.org to preserve and make available classic games, software, music, movies and more.. Their site is well worth a visit and if you are able to donate it is certainly a worthy cause.

Thanks fly out to: Rupert Hausberger for creating this amazing pure JS emulator, WinUAE team for creating probally the best amiga emulator available from which SAE has been partially ported.

Software names, logos, icons, etc. specific to the Amiga system are either registered trademarks or trademarks of C-A Acquisition Corporation/Cloanto and/or its affiliates.


No Kickstart ROM's or Workbench files are stored on this site/server, a reverse proxy script is used to fetch these files (all kickstart roms aswell as adf/hdf files prefixed with [PRX]) from a list of multiple public sources picking a link at random for each request without ever being saved/downloaded to this site/server and redirecting the file to the user.

Thus acting as another point of access to pre-existing files stored on other public servers that have no affiliation or relation to this site or persons who operate this site or server.

This can cause a small delay while the reverse proxy checks for working links for the chosen file.

https://mod.games/ https://dos.oszx.co/ https://flowerpot-men.com/ https://dns.oszx.co/